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02 January 2007

Rodrigus the Frog Travels to Chile

Rodrigus has been on the move again, what an adventurous frog!

I took Rodrigus with me to South America last October 2006 on a business trip. He was in good company as I always take my young sons fluffy stuffed dog, "white fang" with me. Fairly often I am away on long business trips. Away from home, my sons (Jordan and Chad) toy dog holds a soft spot in my heart, making that all to important connection back home.

Well Rodrigus' adventure started at Johannesburg International and ended back at O.R. Tambo. Shows you what a few weeks away from home can do, with you not being able to keep track of changes. Anyway, Rodrigus took a 10 hour flight with me to Sao Palo where we spent an evening in transit. The following morning we were up early to catch a flight to Santiago Chile. We crossed the Andes always an impressive sight with white capped mountains pointing up to the sky like sharp icicles trying to impale the wings of the plane. I quickly reassured Rodrigus and myself that it is safer flying in a plane than driving down Hans strider drive. Arriving safely in Santiago we readied our selves for the next leg of our trip. A further flight north of two hours got us to our end destination of Antofagasta Chile.

After two days of travel the Radisson Antofagasta is a welcome sight and this was Rodrigus and my home for the next two and a half weeks. I have spent many weeks here, as this is the heart of the worlds copper mining industry. A small dusty but driven city all built on the lust for Copper.

The following morning we would be making our final journey to one of the biggest mines in the world. The mine is two hours drive from Antofagasta into the most inhospitable desert in the world. The Atacama is so dry it receives less than a few millimeters of rain every seven years with some places not having rain in 400 years. Very little grows or survives here without water from deep below or from strong run off water from the snow capped Andes mountain range in the interior.

We better get our Spanish flowing again, I prepared Rodrigus, "I don't habla the Espanol as well as I should", fortunately due to Rodrigus Spanish roots he could help me out. He explain to me the PEE has nothing to do with toilets or what the locals call el banjos'. How was I to know it had to do with working safely on the mine using the correct personal protective equipment (PPE)?

Rod and Clint in Chile

After two weeks of meetings and planning Rodrigus and I were back on our long trip home. Rodrigus says, "adios hasta que nos vemos otra vez" or "good bye, until we see each other again".


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