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06 September 2009

Namaqualand Flowers

It happens once a year. And only if there's been enough rain during the winter. If the conditions are right, and you time your trip well, you get the chance to see the dry, dusty semi-desert transformed into spectacular colour and scent.

There was enough rain this year. And we timed our road trip up the west coast of Africa just right, and got to see plenty of this:

A typical spring Namaqualand scene Jumping for flowers!

Visiting the Namaqualand in South Africa during it's famous miracle time of springtime flowers is something to have on and then tick off your list of places to visit.

We stayed at the Agama Tented camp, near Garies, and can only speak highly of the place- the food so scrumptious, especially the lamb and the "roast cakes" made by hand on the fire; the tents were luxurious; and our hosts- Karien, Linda and Victor- were helpful and friendly beyond our expectations.

On our day to Skilpad Nature Reserve to find the fields of orange, we had quite an adventure, including a flat tyre, running out of petrol and an expedition to Springbok.

Rod drowning in the oceans of daisies

We enjoyed watching the rugby at the farmhouse of our hosts, and then a drive around their farm, seeing even more yellow and purply-pink flowers and a spectacular sunset!

Some of us made the effort to watch the sunrise too, and enjoyed a bit of mild bouldering to get high enough to see the sun say good morning to the valley

The variety of flowers was incredible, and the fields as far as the eye can see of colour will be wonderful images that will stay with us all!

Rod getting close to the blooms

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