The Adventures of Rodrigus the Frog

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11 January 2007

Rod has dinner in the finest restaurant in China!

Kenneth took Rodrigues with him on his trip to China last year November, and here is what he had to say about it:

"Travelling to Shanghai was really special as it was my country of birth, the trip was yet another eye opener to what was happening in the country. The city has changed along with China's booming economy.

So it was only fitting that Rod the frog was taken to the finest restaurants on the 54th floor of the grand Hyatt hotel (88 floors in total). The city draws tourist from far and wide with all the multinationals lining up to do business here.

Rodrigus the Frog on 54th Floor of Hyatt, Shanghai

The city is a contrast between old run down housing alongside new high rises.
Rod the frog travelled to PuDong, the new hub of business in Shanghai, and ended his trip in Hong Kong. Quite a trip for Rod the frog, across Asia." - Kenneth Sun

Rod in Shanghai - China
Thanks Kenneth- Rod loved the Hyatt!

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